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  Floor decking
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  Welded H beam
  Composite panel
  Rain resist covers
  Steel structure system
 Product name Waiting for welding h-beam

The welding H section steel soldering steel structure processes advantage
1, produces , the complete set product providing the light steel structure workshop building, includes H section steel , C , Z section steel , compound board , pressure template and steel structure series accessories etc.;
2, strict administration , the childbirth carrying out treating according to national standard "steel structure construction mass checks and accepts a norm ";
3, equipment is advanced , forming a complete set is all in readiness. H section steel complete set of solders equipment cutting the equipment production line;
4, the high grade raw material , advanced bonding technology material quality: Adopt domestic large-scale steel mill high grade steel , accords with national standard Q235B , Q345B steels welding: Adopt the automation hiding style to solder, guarantee solders foot dimension equation , the welding bead levels , attractive looks throws the ball rust cleaning: Gush the pearl rust cleaning from eight direction at the same time , accord with the Sa2.5 standard, eliminate rusty stain completely lacquering: Antirust priming paint , steel construct the surface flame plating getting the antirust optimum function
5, provides fine technical advice and sells queen work concerning telegraphing and radio operation.

Produce the process flow sketch

That the light welding H section steel production line , continuous efficiency soldering steel structure strong , produce is efficient , own equipment such as on line, checking , correcting on line and shearing on line, comparing with burying arc-welding , gas protection soldering, utensil advance , the product merit have a technology more:

Cross section dimension accuracy is high
1,Since adopt the high grade steel book,soldering queen cross section form accuracy good , makes structure assembling go to the lavatory especially.
2, cross section high performance
Ratio of wing predestined relationship board and plate thickness can enhance, compared with rolling section steel, under weight is identical condition, may manufacture the bending resistance function big, high cross section function component, the function is each other simultaneous in cross section , the component is lighter.
3, the cross section dimension may produce according to the cross section dimension that the consumer allocates.
4, the metallographic soldering the location function organizes homogeneous plate material and unnatural wing predestined relationship material organization equation fuses.
H section steel produces the process flow sketch


Production process

Box beam welding line: below are production flow chart:

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